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Photos of People on these Pages
Also listed are property photos in unexpected places.

In order to assist with locating photos of people in this history story, we are including this menu of links. The links do not point directly to the photos, but to the town entry where the photos are located. It may be necessary to scroll down the page a bit to find the actual photo. Where two photos are available, we point to the largest one.

Adams, Sebastian

Adams, Dr. William Lysander

Anderson, Caroline

Anderson, Magilbra

Badger, Ephraim and his ladies

Badger, Ephraim and family

Bailes, Keathley and Sarah

Bailey, Jeremy and Luvina

Baker, Col. Edward Dickson

Barlow, William

Barnes, C. M.

Beeks, James and Mary

Berry, George K.

Bethany, a photo survey

Billington, Frank E.

Bonney, Sherwood

Briggs, Elias

Briggs, Samuel and Susanna

Briggs, William F.

Bristow, Elijah

Brown, John Thomas

Brown, Judson

Brunk, Emily

Brunk, Harrison

Browning, Edmund Green

Buchanan, Amos

Burnett, Glen Owen

Burnett, Peter Rogers

Butler, Ira F. M.

Caldwell, Will

Callison, Gilmore and Eliza

Callison, Robert and Rufus

Callison, Robert

Campbell, Alexander

Campbell, Eliza Jane

Campbell, Prince Lucian

Campbell, Thomas Franklin

Cheetham, Neil

Cook, Francis L.

Cowden, William F.

Crawford, Jasper Vincent

Crawford, Family of Jasper Vincent

Cunningham, William Randolph

Dailey, Charles and Lois

Daisley, John

Damon, John W.

Dart, Charles Bisby

Davidson, E. E.

Delta Tau Delta building in Bethany, WV

Dunlap, Robert Edmund

Elledge, Daniel William

Easter, Jacob P.

Errett, Davis

Eshelman, Jacob Thomas (Jake)

Espy, Samuel C.

Esson, Alby

Faulconer, Absalom Bainbridge

Fisher, Anna   Scroll up.

Fisher, Eli   Scroll up.

Flint, Isaac

Flint, Purdy

Ford, Nathaniel and Lucinda

Fulton, Belle

Fry, Jason

Gregg, Samuel

Goodwin, Elijah

Ghormley, John Fletcher

Hamilton, Jane

Hamilton, Supplina

Harris, Edward

Harvey, Amos

Harvey, Jane

Herrold, L. O.

Himes, Tyrus

Holmes, J. B.

Horn, Marion F.

Honeywell, A. A.

Huntington, William L.

Ireland, Gilbert E.

Jackson, Henry

Jenkins, John W.

Johnson, John Wesley

Knowles, Victor

Letson, Samuel Brisbin

Law, O. J.

Lewis, William Ervin and Trudy

Lister, John B.

Long, R. A. Scroll down

Longmire, David

Longmire, James

Lord, J. A.

Luark, Marcellus

Lyle, Ellen Scott

McBride, Dr. James

McBride, Mahala (Mrs. James)

McBride, Thomas Allen   Scroll up.

McCallum, James S.

McCarty, Alexander Vance

McCash, Isaac Newton

McClure, Vincent Scott

McCorkle, John

McDonald, Turner

McMillan, Jim

Meldrum, Andrew Mackenzie

Meldrum, Helen

Montavilla, Portland building in 1921

Moore, Billy and Dian   Scroll up.

Morgan, H. B.

Monroe, Neil

Morgan, Delbert Loyd

Morgan, Thomas McBride and Rachel

Morgan, Thomas McBride -- sons

Mulkey, Charles Ennis

Mulkey, Isaac Newton

Mulkey, John

Mulkey, Mrs. John (Elizabeth)

Mulkey, Isaac Newton

Mulkey, Philip

Murphy, John Ecles

Newby, William

Norris, Benjamin F.

Onsdorff, Peter and Ida

Paul, William E.

Payne, Aaron

Peterson, Martin

Peterson, Orval D.

Phillips, Clifton and Amy

Powell, Alfred

Powell, John

Powell, Noah

Reeves, David

Reeves, David Reeves' family

Richardson, Dr. Isaac Newton

Rigdon, John

Roberts, John Engard

Rich, George P.

Richey, George C.   Scroll up.

Ross, George W.

Roundtree, James and Emeline

Ruble, Columbia

Ruble, David

Ruble, Orlena

Ruble, Ruth Russell

Ruble, Sarah McKay

Ruble, Schuyler and Abigail

Ruble, William

Ruble, William Newton

Rushford, Jerry   Scroll up.

Rushing, Gentry

Rowland, Levi Lindsay

Sanderson, Eugene Claremont

San Jose Bible College about 1940

Santa Cruz Tabernacle - 1889

Scott, Walter

Scoville, Arlene Dux

Scoville, Charles Reign

Scoville Evangelistic Company

Sehlbrede, Charles Augustus

Sellars, G. D.   Scroll up.

Sharpe, Joseph Higber   Scroll up.

Shismanian, G. N.

Shoemake, Albert Taylor

Skaggs, Abram D.

Smith, Andrew Jackson

Smith, John Burris

Smith, J. N.

Spinning, Dr. Charles

Stanley, David Truman   Scroll up.

Stewart, John Foster

Stevens, John D.

Stone, Barton W.

Stone, John N.

Streator, Jonathan M.   Scroll up.

Surber, Green Lee

Sutherland, John and Nancy

Swander, Clarence Franklin

Todd, Abbott Levi  Scroll up.

Turner, Henry L.

Turner, Julia Ann

Utz, Benjamin

Utz, Cora

Wade, A. B.

Walden, Freeman M.

Waller, Mac

Waller, Mary

Ward, Jack

Wells, Alexander

Wetzell, David

Wilson, William H. and Hannah

White, Willie

Wolverton, Bruce

Word, Archie

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