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Isaac Newton Richardson
Pioneer Northwest Gospel Preacher
By Charles Dailey - March 2002

Isaac Newton Richardson at a Glance:
Born: Barry, IL in 1849
Emigrated:To Oregon in 1851
Settled 1st: Scio, Linn Co. OR
Education:Monmouth College
Married: Florence Jane Gerking
at Athena, Oregon in 1878
NW Ministries: Scio, OR 1871
Athena, OR 1875 -- 1877
Pendleton, OR
Touchet, WA
Helix, OR
Yakima, WA
Seattle, WA
Centralia, WA
Elma, WA
Kent, WA
These were listed by Dr. Richardson
Died: Tacoma, WA -- 1934

I. N. Richardson was a two-year-old pioneer at Scio, Oregon in 1851. His grandparents, John and Orpha Richardson, started a church meeting in their home in Richardson's Gap. This soon developed in the Scio church that still meets every Lord's day and still stands for the same teachings that John and Orpha held to more than 150 years ago.

I. N.'s father, George Washington Richardson, was a pioneer preacher who covered much of the Oregon Territory and we can also locate him at Waitsburg, Washington Territory during his fruitful lifetime.

Dr. I. N. Richardson
Dr. I. N. Richardson

Mr. Richardson states that he became a Christian at age 16 while he was at Amity, Oregon. His first ministry was seven years later back at Scio, Oregon in 1871. The records of the Scio Church do not list I. N. Richardson, but there is a gap in their listing that includes 1871.

Mr. Richardson attended college at Monmouth, Oregon. He probably attended at the time of the transition from the Presidency of Levi L. Rowland to that of Thomas Franklin Campbell who came in 1869. Richardson was not in good health in those years and did not graduate.

At some point, I. N. Richardson was trained in dentistry and as an osteopath. He reported that over his lifetime, he also taught school and farmed. He was not a vocational preacher and always supported himself and the churches where he preached. I. N. Richardson was among the last of the pioneer preachers who worked as volunteers.

While living at Athena, Oregon from 1875 to 1877, he had a dental office in the local hotel. It was here in Athena that he met and married Jennie (Florence Jane) Gerking, granddaughter of Jonathan Gerking, one of the original pioneers.

Mr. Richardson returned to Athena in January of 1895 to conduct a gospel meeting. He reported that he immersed 54 into Christ at Athena and that 16 others were added to the church. That meeting may have been the highlight of his career.

The family next moved to Pendleton, Oregon to assist in organizing a congregation that has survived until this day.

Other congregations benefiting from this dedicated family included Touchet, WA near Dayton; Helix, OR near Athena; Yakima, WA; Seattle, WA; Centralia, WA; Elma, WA and Kent, WA.

In their later years, the Richardsons lived with their son Prince at Lancaster, California. Jennie died there and I.N. moved to live with his daughter Florence at Tacoma, Washington. He died there and may be buried in Tacoma.

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