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Pentateuch (Genesis through Deuteronomy) 32 weeks, 8 credit hours
An in-depth study of the first five books of the Bible from creation to the wilderness wandering of the Jews.

History of Israel (Joshua through Esther) 32 weeks, 8 credit hours
A study of Old Testament history from the life of Joshua through the united and divided kingdoms, to the carrying away into captivity in Babylon.

Wisdom Literature (Job through Song of Solomon) 32 weeks, 8 credit hours
A thoughtful look at the wisdom of God in Old Testament times. A soul-enriching study.

OT Prophets (Major and minor prophets) 32 weeks, 8 credit hours
The prophets tell a three-part story of the destruction of Jerusalem, their captivity in Babylon, and the return and rebuilding of the new Jerusalem. Though God was forced to discipline his people harshly, still they were to be purified and restored in the end.


Life of Christ, 32 weeks, 8 credit hours
An examination of the events and teachings of the life of Christ from his birth to his resurrection and ascension.

Acts, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
An exciting journey through the documented history of the rise and spread of New Testament Christianity.

Romans, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
A chapter-by-chapter analysis of one of the most important books in the NT canon. The basic doctrines of Christianity are set forth here, as well as rich teaching for everyday Christian living.

1 Corinthians, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
The Corinthian churches were in an environment much like we find in America today. This is a practical study of church problems with Holy Spirit given solutions.

2 Corinthians, Galatians, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
While the first Corinthian letter admonished the church about many Spiritual problems, the second letter acknowledges their repentance, and encourages them on to Christian maturity. Galatians defines the proper relationship between the Law of Moses and grace.

Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
Letters of Paul to New Testament churches covering a wide range of subjects: God's great ``mystery'' story, positive Spiritual attitudes, and the Gospel compared to world philosophies.

1 & 2 Thessalonians, Philemon, James, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
Paul's letter to the Thessalonian church about the resurrection, a plea to Philemon for mercy for a young slave who had been converted, and James, the New Testament book of wisdom.

1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
Paul's letters to young preachers with instruction concerning their ministries, and the churches to whom they preach.

Hebrews, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
The Jewish churches of Palestine were in danger of drifting back into Judaism because of great external pressure. Hebrews points out the vast superiority of Christianity over Judaism.

1 & 2 Peter; 1, 2, 3 John, Jude, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
Peter shows how to meet sufferings in the Christian life and be victorious, and how to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. The letters of John teach us to love each other as God loved us.

Revelation, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
An exciting study of the figures and symbols of Revelation, with an emphasis on their similarity in style and meaning to the Old Testament prophets. Clear insights into the opening of the seven seals, the mark of the beast, the 144,000, Armageddon, the harlot, Babylon, and a host of other figures. Once the mind is stretched with these concepts, one's studies will never be the same again.


Biblical Introduction, 32 weeks, 8 credit hours
All about the Bible - where it came from, its inspiration, formation of the canon, translations.

Christian Education, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
Creative Bible teaching, teaching children, Bible school curriculum, Daily Vacation Bible School.

Christian Evidences, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
We live in a world of unbelief. This exciting class shows why we believe in God and creation. Every student needs to have his own faith strengthened, and learn ways to convince others about the reality of God more effectively.

Church History, 32 weeks, 8 credit hours
This course traces the church from its beginning in the first century, through the rise of the Roman Catholic Church, the Protestant reformation, and down to the restoration of New Testament Christianity today.

Congregational development, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
Improving congregational worship, church money management, congregational administration, developing Christian maturity and leadership within the church, encouraging proper growth attitudes.

Counseling, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
A class in the techniques and skills needed to increase success in counseling the many types of problems troubling the congregation.

Denominational doctrines, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
An examination of such doctrines as Faith only, Predestination, Eternal security, etc. in the light of the scriptures.

Fundamental Bible doctrines, 16 weeks, 4 hours
A study of the basic doctrines of the faith: God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, sin, salvation, atonement, Christ's incarnation, resurrection, kingdom, second coming, etc.

Hermeneutics, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
II Pet. 3:16 speaks of those who "wrest the Scriptures to their own damnation.'' This is a course of study in the scientific approach to the understanding of Biblical writings. This is a must for every Christian leader.

History and doctrines of cults, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
The origin and teachings of the various cults: Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, etc.

Homiletics, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
A class to develop skills in sermon preparation and delivery.

Men's personal development, 16 weeks, 4 hours
Christian manhood, personal money management, the minister's relationship to his family, developing leadership qualities, proper nutrition for energy and health, etc.

New Testament church, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
What the Bible teaches about the church, and of necessity, the contrast between the New Testament church and denominationalism.

Pastoral ministries, 32 weeks, 8 credit hours
Christian counselling, Weddings funerals and other special occasions, journalism publication and the media, political action, the church office, etc.

Personal evangelism, 16 weeks, 4 hours
How to lead people to Christ, witness training, Jule Miller film strips, etc.

Public evangelism, 16 weeks, 4 hours
Holding meetings in other churches, Hosting special meetings, Planning youth rallies, youth camps, retreats, Church bus ministry.

Women's personal development and ministries, 16 weeks, 4 hours
Christian womanhood, personal finances, proper nutrition, housekeeping, raising children, and other subjects that bring success and fulfillment to the Christian woman.

Women's ministries, 32 weeks, 8 hours
The woman's role and ministry in the church, the preacher's wife, counseling women, church office management, public speaking, etc.

World missions, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
A study of the world's major religions, and methods of taking the gospel to them.


First Year Biblical Greek, 32 weeks, 8 credit hours
The New Testament was originally written in Greek. This course furnishes a basic knowledge of the structure and vocabulary of the language, and enables the student to use lexicons and commentaries for classand sermon preparation.

Advanced Greek, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
A class in translation of the Greek New Testament, and development of skills in making one's own commentary on the Bible. It is a soul-enriching experience, and furnishes study tools for continuing spiritual growth after graduation.

Practical English, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This is a basic course in English, so necessary for the student who will be preparing written assignments, and for a future where our specialty lies in communicating the gospel through the English language.

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