Listing of Panoramas on this Site
For about fifty years beginning in the 1850's, a group of itinerant artists roamed America drawing incredibly detailed lithographs of cities. In the northwest two artists stand out in the crowd: Augustus Koch and E. L. Glover. But there were many other fine men working the trade.

Many of the lithographs were bordered by vignettes of patrons - those who may have helped finance the project. Since some lithographs exist without the vignettes and then they appear in a later edition indicating that the vignette spot was sold after the initial printing.

Some of these panoramas are more than three feet wide. The incredible details of these lithographs enables us to locate (often with the help of a glass) the exact spot where the Christian Church or Church of Christ building was located. Or, in some cases, to see the vacant lot where the building was later built.

We have considered down load time for those using modems and have kept the sections of the panoramas that we use to a minimum. Even then, allow a minute for each one when loaded from this menu. When viewed in their normal context from the related story, the panoramas are preloaded and should load very quickly. Using broadband should require just a few seconds, even from this menu.

In Oregon:
Ashland in 1890
Eugene in 1890
Pendleton in 1888
Portland in 1890 (1st Christian)
Portland in 1890 (Central Christian)
Roseburg about 1900 (photo)
Salem in 1876
The Dalles in 1884

In Idaho:
Moscow in 1897

In Washington:
Cheney in 1884
Dayton in 1884
Goldendale before 1888
Olympia in 1879
Seattle in 1891
Spokane in 1905
Tacoma in 1890
Walla Walla in 1876
Yakima in 1899