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Friday, October 12, 2007

Safe Computing

Occasionally our students are concerned about the safety of their equipment - and our system.

SiteGround, the company that hosts NCBible Online backs up our entire site once each week. Additionally, each of the 28 courses are backed up each day.

As for this administrator's computer, it is guarded by AntiVir, a German company that updates and downloads its virus definitions each day. It is free of cost.

Each week, Spyware Doctor scans for and removes ads that have collected.

We do not open email with attachments that we did not expect, including greeting cards.

Microsoft is allowed to update and patch Windows XP regularly.

Each day, the data drive is backed up by to a location in Utah. This service is also free of cost.

About once each week, the data is saved to an external harddrive here in the office.

With this much safety in place, we pay little attention to the dire warnings supposedly signed by Bill Gates that the worst virus ever has just been discovered. We have taken reasonable precautions and move on enjoying life.


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