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Introductions to the Mac Waller story.
Playing church as a child.
Mac fails to have an "experience" at 13.
At 16, leads 84 people to leave Baptist society.
Frightened Mac addresses 700.

The infidel moderator becomes a believer.
A stranger named Burbridge appears.
Mac is licensed, teaches school, baptizes and starts churches.
Baptizes wife with husband armed to shoot, then baptizes husband.
One Book verses a stack of books.

Even the Universalist preacher became a Christian.
Nearing death, Mac leaves for Oregon Territory.
Events on the Oregon Trail.
Arrives in Oregon, organizes three churches.
An infidel is converted at Jefferson.

The problem of pay; Mac finds a perfect wife.
Financing growth and sermons at Sodaville.
Organizing at Independence; moving to Monmouth
Waitsburg: the war between Boli and Elledge
Mac survives two cases of attempted compromise

Baptisms, blindness and Brush Prairie
Vancouver, Oregon again, Olympia and Centerville.
A year for the Ladies' Missionary Society
Conflicts at Oak Creek in Linn County
Monitor, Oregon and struggles at Woodburn
Woodburn completed, Albany, Mac the man


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