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March 28, 2005
by Charles Dailey
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Pateros Map

The community is named after Pateros on the island of Luzon in the Phillipine Islands.

The venerable Church of Christ in this town was in operation as early as 1889. Gaines Melanchthon Adams and his wife Anna moved here to take the leadership that year. G. M. Adams was a son of overland pioneers William Lysander and Frances Adams of Yamhill County, Oregon.

Even before the Adams arrived, Thomas Jackson Pasley and his wife Susannah (Ruble) Pasley were living here. They were early members of the congregation and are buried across the Columbia River at the Packwood Memorial Cemetery in Dyer, Washington.

When many other congregations were changing course about missionary societies and instrumental music, this congregation did not. It has held to its pioneer views.

Brewster Map

We would not know about this congregation except that Disciples historian Orval Peterson mentions it in his book, Washington-Northern Idaho Disciples, page 80. W. T. Adams was active there at the same time he was planting a church in nearby Chelan. The context is about 1910. (The text says W. F. Adams, but we believe this is a typographical error. No one by that name is mentioned in the book again. But W. T. Adams is frequently in the text and he was working in the local area.)

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