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Will of Thomas Crawford McBride

In the name of God Amen. I Thomas McBride of Yam Hill County and Territory of Oregon being of sound mind and memory do make ordain and declare this to be my last will and testament.

First - I give to my wife all the beds and bed clothes she had when we were married and all that she has made since - the Cupboard and its ware together with the cooking stove and all cooking utensils - all the bedsteads and the bureau table and other household furniture and wearing apparel for herself. I also give to my wife a three year old maer which I bought of Frederick Bunn a young cow called Browny - a two year old heifer that come of a cow called Cherry a two year old heifer called Splinter Heels - also all of Browny’s increase - all the hogs that I shall own at my decease.

Next I give to my son James McBride all the bedding I had when I was married to my present wife.

I also will and desire that my wife shall have the use of the pasture and homestead together with everything necessary to the free enjoyment of the same so long as she shall remain my widow.

Next I desire that all my property real and personal not otherwise disposed of be sold at public sale to the highest bidder and the proceeds thereof together with all moneys I may leave at my decease be distributed among my lawful heirs according to the following rule viz Each one to take according to the number of children which he or she may have living at my death & in case the father or mother of such children be not living then such children shall be entitled to the part of such parent & the same shall be divided equally among them. That is to say in explanation of the above my meaning is that my estate to be distributed shall be divided into as many shares as I have grandchildren living at my death and the parent of such grandchildren shall take as many shares that he or she may have children.

And I hereby constitute James McBride my son the executor of this my last will and testament and in case of his death or failure to act I nominate and appoint John R. McBride executor of the same.

In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name this the 23rd day of February 1856

                                                                           Thomas McBride


John R. McBride

Sebastian C. Adams

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