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God commanded the grandfathers of Israel to teach about their past to both sons and grandsons. Deut. 4:9-10. This was one way to build loyalty in the new generation. We must tell our children and the other new believers about our past. Our past was not perfect, but neither was Israel's. To this end, we have written bulletin inserts that can be included with the Sunday bulletin or can be handed out separately.

These bulletin inserts are condensed versions of the full profiles. Each insert is designed to acquaint the reader with those who came before them and the reader's own Restoration heritage. Each insert contain a box with links for further inquiry.

The names are arranged in a sequence, but could be used in most any order. We recommend that the Amos Harvey presentation be used first.

In a time when our nation lacks heros with character and purpose, the stories of these men and women will help those who share their ideals to become today's heros for the next generation.

The inserts are in Adobe Acrobat format and require the free Acrobat Reader.


01 Amos Harvey Mr. Harvey planted the first Church of Christ west of the Rocky Mountains. Of fine Quaker stock, he became dedicated to the goal of being Christians only. He began a religious landslide in the west.
02 John Mulkey John Mulkey came from a line of distinguished Baptist preachers - highly respected men. On the frontier of Kentucky, he was faced with upholding the Baptist doctrine, but then Barton Stone entered his life. Mr. Mulkey put the preach in the preachers who came west.
03 James McBride Dr. McBride dreamed of new frontiers and when the great migration west began, he was among the earliest emigrants. He preached anywhere he could and laid the groundwork for our 49th and 50th states.
04 Thomas C. McBride Father of James McBride, he rode west on horseback and preached the final 10 years of his life in and around Yamhill County, Oregon.
05 William L. Adams The first Bethany College man to come west, W. L. Adams schooled the men and women who built Oregon. He was a teacher, a preacher, an editor and a statesman.
06 Sebastian Adams Sebastian Adams founded the old McMinnville College and preached and taught for many years in pioneer Oregon. His enormous book is still available, but few can afford it.
07 Aaron Payne The Oregon Trail was not limited to young men and women. Aaron and Mary Payne were past 55 when they came west to continue their life of service to our Lord. Mr. Payne preached on a circuit in Yamhill County, Oregon.
08 Glen O. Burnett Mr. Burnett pioneered in Oregon and later in the Santa Rosa area of California. His circuit-riding preaching had far-reaching consequences for the new Oregon Territory. He joined forces with Amos Harvey to build one of Oregon's first colleges.
09 Mac Waller The most effective as measured by conversions to Christ, Mac Waller became a legend. He was among the earliest to establish churches and dictated his memoirs the year of his death.
10 John B. Smith Mr. Smith was the fourth gospel preacher over the Oregon and Applegate Trails. He provided property for a new college that is today Western Oregon University. His heirs are still busy in gospel work.
11 Pony Short Pony Short was a very early gospel preacher in Klickitat County, Washington. He worked in the vicinity of Goldendale, establishing several congegations. This bulletin insert contains a rare panorama of early Goldendale.
12 Thomas Taylor Born in 1790, this circuit-riding preacher established churches in Washington Territory and reached the age of 96 before the Lord called him to dismount.

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