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The Pioneer Movement over the Oregon Trail was a glorious time for the Churches of Christ and Christian Churches. This blog is devoted to stories about the web site listed in the menu.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Marker for Eugene C. Sanderson

The grave marker for Mr. Sanderson has proven elusive. At first, it seemed that he was buried in Southern California. Then records pointed to Eugene, Oregon. But he wasn't buried in the Pioneer Cemetery or the Mulkey Cemetery. Where was he? Finally evidence pointed to the Masonic Cemetery.

We went to the location, but the entire cemetery was overgrown with weeds with special emphasis on Poison Oak. We backed off and put a note in his profile in our history section.

After some years, Lynn Scates Adams, granddaughter of Erskine Skates, Sr., volunteered to search. She located the elusive marker and now the world can see "the rest of the story." Link.


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